"Affordable Aerial Photography and Videography"

Licensed by Irish Aviation Authority. 


Aerial Photography  

From €230

Aerial photographs up to 4K resolution available including 360 degree panorama.


Aerial Videography  

From €450

Aerial videography up to Ultra High Definition available. Work includes filming, editing and colour grading where required.


From as far back as I can remember I've always had a camera in my hand. Capturing the visual reality all around us is something that's always fascinated me. As the technology has developed that abilty to capture that beauty with the click of a camera shutter has improved immensely. Drone aerial photography and videography has now provided us with exciting new possibilities. Drone aerial photography and videography are now far more accessible and cheaply available. Shots that previously needed helicopters to obtain at significant expense can now be acheived inexpensively and safely with this new technology.

I have been involved in documentary film making for many years. The first feature length documentary that I directed was in conjunction with NearTV in Coolock about a tour by the Artane Band of North America. More recently I spent three weeks in East Timor filming The Pink Crocodile which premiered on RTE 1 in November 2016. 

I have also trained as a drone pilot and am licensed with the Irish Aviation Authority. It is exciting to be at the forefront of making this amazing new drone photography and videography available to the general public. Drone photography is a new area. Almost daily new uses are being found which utilises their amazing potential from keeping an eye on sheep and cattle on the farm to providing life-saving life-belts at times of emergency. I look forward making these new possibilities accessible and affordable.


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